A Place For Everyone

The National Trust for Scotland is the country's largest membership organisation. With such an extensive and valuable database, the Trust recognises the need to ensure that its customer segmentation is clearly defined into targetable 'types' so that the right messages can be sent to the right people in the right way.

Research Task

The Trust had identified that its understanding of customers was limited by over-general sector definitions, its communications were out of date and everything needed redefined and clarified. Research set out to take everything back to ground level and build a new segmentation structure that could be practically and productively managed.

Research Method

An extensive, 4-stage study starting with an Omnibus study of the general population to define levels of predisposition towards the product and brand. This was followed by an Online forum with members and non-members to compare opinions, focus groups with non-members to determine barriers, and depth interviews with members to establish their appetite - or otherwise - for change.

Research Results

A comprehensive picture of attitudes and opinions towards NTS, identification of those target groups most likely to find appeal in the offer and clear direction on the need to put forward a much less stuffy image and openly encourage younger people and families. This led to a refreshed and focused take on marketing and a rewarding rise in membership