Launching Breakfast Serials

Houston PR conceived and launched the ‘Facebox’ reading campaign for Asda, Puffin Books and the Dahl Foundation, putting story extracts on the backs of millions of cereal boxes to encourage children to read over breakfast time. The hope was that many would be intrigued enough to track down the whole book after reading the boxes.

Research Task

To ensure strong content creation and that the campaign hit the right note with its customers (children), research was used to explore their own language and reference points in relation to their daily leisure activities, reading, and breakfast. We were looking to generate both quotable quotes and figures to support and endorse the idea of Breakfast Serials.

Research Method

We conducted 2 focus groups with primary school aged children and encouraged them to draw pictures and talk about their 'story moments', testing their interest in the idea of excerpts on cereal boxes. A fun questionnaire was completed by 200 children to assess their awareness of authors and how importantly they rated reading vs other activities.

Research Results

Some hilarious comments and truly engaging pictures of their breakfast time emerged, and plenty of support for Serial-boxes as a cool idea. As well as providing an opportunity for a moment of calm, the box was seen as to act as an effective introduction to reading and giving children the confidence to go for something they might not otherwise have done.