We research from-the-heart,
not from-the-shelf.

Clare Wade is Director of Mindspace and has worked in research, marketing and advertising throughout her career. She is a huge advocate of proper qualitative research to really understand the needs of customers (no quickie online surveys or black-box research here) and her thoroughness is evidenced in years of successful and rewarding client relationships.

Skills and experience extend across B2C, B2B, PLCs, SMEs, staff, internal communications, social research, charities, arts, private and public sector. The Mindspace usp is dedicated personal attention, expertise assured and a commitment to go the extra mile to get the very best out of every research project.

Contact Clare to discuss any research needs, concerns or queries you may have in relation to your product, brand, business or organisation. We will organise an informal chat, following which a research proposal will be submitted for your consideration.

Phone: 01337 810494 - 07715 608801 Email: clare@q-mindspace.co.uk