Highlighting the #hiddeneffects

Breast Cancer Care provides information and support to those affected by breast cancer, bringing people together and campaigning for improved standards of care. The charity focuses its work on the unique experience of each individual, and relies heavily on donations to fund the specialist nurses and support services it provides.

Research Task

A campaign was devised to drive people to a microsite showing different ways to give support. Research was required to test the campaign theme of revealing breast cancer's 'hidden effects', and importantly to check that it was differentiating BCC from competitors as a support charity and not getting lost in the 'pink fog'.

Research Method

2 online group discussions were conducted with women across the UK, including health professionals working with women who had cancer. A number of candidate executions were explored through sensitively but practically moderated conversations and the creative ideas were evolved on-screen as the feedback emerged.

Research Results

The research showed that while the messages were quite challenging they successfully stimulated thought and awareness, and the 'hidden effects' concept was identified as 'absolutely relevant'. Importantly it helped define the emphasis required to ensure the campaign was clearly understood as targeting potential donors to the charity.